History of 19th Century Ireland

19th Century Ireland History

Irish history in the 1800s saw the introduction of the Act of Union after the Irish Rebellion of 1798 by the United Irishmen and Wolfe Tone.

England regained direct power over Ireland and became part of the state of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This brought major changes for the Irish people as decisions on the Irish economy would be made by people in London who had little understanding of Ireland and its needs.

History Timeline of 19th Century Ireland

1801 – The Act of Union came into effect
1803 – An Irish Rebellion was planned by Robert Emmet
1823 – Daniel O’ Connell and the Fight for Catholic Emancipation
1830 – The Repeal Movement and the Tithe War
1845 – Ireland suffered from a major famine
1848 – The Battle of Widow McCormack’s Cabbage Patch
1854 – Oscar Wilde was born
1858 – The Fenian Brotherhood (Irish Republican Brotherhood) was formed
1865 – W.B. Yeats is born
1867 – The Fenian Rising of 1867 & the Manchester Martyrs
1868 – James Connolly was born
1871 – James Craig (Lord Craigavon) was born
1873 – Isaac Butt and the Home Rule Movement
1879 – Charles Stewart Parnell and The Irish Land League
– Padraig Pearse was born
1882 – James Joyce was born
1882 – The Gaelic Athletic Association was formed
1882 – Eamon de Valera is born
1890 – Michael Collins was born
1893 – Gaelic League formed
– Irish Socialist Republican Party founded by James Connolly

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