How To Cook Irish Poundies (Champ)

A big hefty Irish meal to try is Champ, which is also known as Poundies, Cally or Pandy. It is a very cheap and easy meal to create so is ideal for those on a low budget but is highly recommended for everyone to try.

  • 1lb of Potatoes
  • 8-10 Spring onions, also known as scallions, eschallots, shallots or Cibies
  • pint of milk
  • 6oz of butter

How make Champ or Poundies

Wash and peel the potatoes and boil in a large pot until fully cooked, make sure to drain the potatoes once fully cooked.

Add a spoonful of butter and a little milk to the pot and proceed to mash the potatoes until smooth, its advisable to use a hand masher over an electronic mixer. To get the best result of mashed potatoes make sure there is no lumps or hard pieces, creamy mashed potatoes taste better.

Slice and cut the spring onions into small pieces, now depending on your location spring onions maybe referred to as one of the above mentioned. Once cut into small pieces add them to the mashed potatoes and mix.

Serve the mashed potatoes onto warm plates or bowls but here is the important part, shape the servings into a volcano shape adding a well in the middle of the serving. Add a spoonful of butter into the well of each serving and then fill with milk.

Champ Variations

There are many things you can add to Champ to make it more interesting, depending on your likes or dislikes of certain food groups. Common to some Irish families in Ireland is creating Champ with sausages and baked beans or even adding fried eggs.

A personal favorite is adding Sausages, peas, gravy and onions.