Irish Breakfast Recipes

In Ireland you will never be able to leave the house on an empty stomach be it in a B & B ...

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The Magical Legend Of The Leprechaun

You may end up being the luckiest person alive if you ever manage to catch a Leprechaun but there again it could ...

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  • Irish Food & Recipes

    Irish Food & Recipes

    A selection of some of the most popular Irish food recipes that are common in Ireland and often made in a family home. We hope that you will try some of these dishes and experience the delicious taste of Irish food.

  • Buy Irish Gifts

    Buy Irish Gifts

    Need to find an authentic Irish gift for a loved one for their birthday, anniversary or wedding? Look no further as we've found some of the great online deals for Irish gifts with many of them made in Ireland.

  • History of Ireland

    History of ireland

    Discover thousands of years worth of Irish history and learn how past events help shape Ireland and the Irish culture. Find out why important events happened and about Ireland's troubled past.