100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising

Red Hugh O’Donnell

Red Hugh O’Donnell 1571-1602

Red Hugh O’Donnell (Aodh Rua ÓDomhnaill) was the son and successor to Hugh MacManus O’Donnell, An ÓDomhnaill, Rí Thír Chonaill, that is, The O’Donnell  King of Tyrconnell, a…

Bloody Sunday of 1920

Bloody Sunday of 1920

Bloody Sunday occurred in Dublin on 21 November 1920 and would mark a turning point for the War of Independence leaving 31 people dead in…

Apple Pie Recipe

Irish Home Made Apple Pie

Every woman in Ireland knows her mother’s Apple Pie Recipe; this recipe is passed down through generation after generation and in some families it is…





coach-a-bower (Cóiste Bodhar) - Death Coach

The Cóiste Bodhar (Death Coach)

The Cóiste Bodhar (pronounced coach-a-bower) in Irish folklore is a silent death coach that makes its appearance in the event of someone’s death. Its driven by the…

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