Cooking Traditional Irish Recipes

A traditional Irish meal is usually made up of very simple ingredients and easy to cook but yet tastes great! You’ll find that most traditional recipes contains the basics of vegetables, meat, or fish.

You’ll find that Ireland’s most famous food dish, the traditional Irish stew, is actually really easy to make and makes the perfect meal for a family. With a good feed of spuds the kids just love it.

These are the core ingredients for any traditional dish and have been the main source of food in Ireland for hundreds of years.

The general population in Ireland today tends to eats more international cuisine than say a traditional styled dish. However there are still many families that cook their own traditional recipes on a daily basis.

Simple Traditional Irish Meals

We hope to cover some of the most popular Irish food recipes that are common in Ireland. We hope that you will try some of these dishes and experience the great food we eat here.

If you are looking for traditional Irish food that is either eaten in Ireland or was at least once popular here then look no further. Here are just some of our own family recipes.