Irish Culture & Customs From Ireland

You might have an interest in knowing more about people from Ireland or the Irish culture, old and new.

Since life in Ireland first began events have been plentiful with many having influences on Irish people today.

In Ireland the people are very cultural orientated no matter what their interests might be. Here are some of the things we’ve seen throughout Ireland.

Traditions & customs from Ireland
The old country had many traditions and customs that lasted hundreds of years, some of which are still commonly found in Ireland today.

The Irish Language
Irish (Gaeilge) is an Indo-European language of the Celtic family. It is very similar to Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig) and Manx (Gaelg) and like them is descended from Primitive Irish through Old Irish.

The magical legend of the Irish Leprechaun
the little people and banshees have been passed from generation to generation within families. We all had our own little story to tell that managed to become talk of the town.

Popular Irish food recipes and meals
Ask any Irish person living abroad what they miss most about home. Sure bet they will answer with something related to food, usually an Irish breakfast or bowl of stew.

Are the Irish really so fond of drink?
So how did the Irish become known for their love of drink? Was it when so many people left Ireland to different countries and took to the drink to ease their homesickness?

A look at Ireland’s traditional Irish music & talented
Over the years Ireland has produced some great musical talent such as U2 (of course), folk singer Christy Moore and many more.

Traditional Irish Dancing
Like a lot of Ireland’s history there is little recorded information on the origins of Irish dancing. We do know however, it has developed into a popular dance around the world and has taken on many different forms.

Popular Irish sports played in Ireland
we take a brief look at more of the traditional sports played in Ireland such as the game of hurling. Some sports run deep in history started to help regenerate the Irish culture.