Pubs In Ireland

Pubs in Ireland

Almost in any country, you’ll find an Irish pub where you can order an Irish drink, eat some Irish cuisines, and listen to Irish music but how do Irish pubs around the world compare to pubs in Ireland?

The local pub in Ireland

The local, as it’s referred to as, is the pub within or near a community that neighbors and friends meet regularly. It usually becomes everyone’s favorite pub because of its warm welcome feeling and for the fact that everyone knows each other.

Music in pubs

Pubs in Ireland

Temple Bar in Dublin City.

Not all pubs in Ireland will play music, never mind traditional Irish music. However, if you ever want to find a pub that plays music it’s usually a good idea to find one that has traditional sessions at the weekend. A traditional session is when a group of musicians gather in a pub and play traditional Irish songs. In most cases, the musicians are not even hired by the pub but its not unusually for barmen to slip a couple of free drinks to the thirsty musicians.

Irish Pub Grub

Ireland it’s famous for its Irish recipes and it’s not too difficult to find a pub that serves delicious pub grub. From the traditional Irish breakfast to a large bowl of chowder, Irish pub grub has to be tried.

Irish sports in pubs

Whenever there is an Irish Sports event on such as Gaelic or Hurling being televised you can be sure that most pubs in Ireland are filled to the doors. The atmosphere is always electric when important games are on such as the All Ireland GAA or when the Irish soccer team competes in the World Cup.

Rural pubs in Ireland

It’s not uncommon to stumble across a rural pub that’s actually someone’s living room of their house. With one or two pumps, a couple of bottles of spirits and maybe some chairs, you can be sure that you’ve found an Irish gem.

You’ll find these kinds of pubs to be very community orientated and a great way to meet the locals, learn some history and really experience some culture of the area.

The bar staff plays a major role in creating an Irish Pub. They need to have the ability to be able to pour a proper pint of Guinness, which takes some skill, but they also need to knowledgable of the local area.

Last updated March 2, 2020.

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