Van Morrison

Van Morrision

George Ivan Morrison is better known as Van Morrison and was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 31 August 1945.

As a professional musician since the late 1950’s he is a singer, songwriter, author, poet and multi-instrumentalist. With a flair for various music types such as folk, blues, soul, jazz and gospel he has become widely loved for his unique vocals and amazing musical talent.

As singer for the Northern Irish band, Them, he wrote the 1964 hit Gloria and within a few years set off as a solo artist. Since then he has made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 and the Song Writers Hall of Fame in 2003.

Albums by Van Morrison

Some of the albums released by Van Morrison.

  • Blowin’ Your Mind (1967)
  • Astral Weeks (1968)
  • His Band and the Street Choir (1970)
  • Moondance (1970)
  • Tupelo Honey (1971)
  • Saint Dominic’s Preview (1972)
  • Hard Nose the Highway (1973)
  • It’s Too Late to Stop Now (1974)
  • Veedon Fleece (1974)
  • A Period Of Transition (1977)
  • Wavelength (1978)
  • The Story Of Them (1978)
  • Into the Music (1979)
  • Common One (1980)
  • Beautiful Vision (1982)
  • Inarticulate Speech of the Heart (1983)
  • A Sense Of Wonder (1984)
  • No Guru, No Method, No Teacher (1986)
  • Poetic Champions Compose (1987)
  • Avalon Sunset  (1989)
  • Enlightenment (1990)
  • Hymns to the Silence (1991)
  • Days Like This (1995)
  • Down the Road (2002)
  • What’s Wrong With This Picture? (2003)
  • Pay the Devil (2006)
  • Keep It Simple (2008)

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