Daniel O’Donnell

Daniel O Donnell

In Ireland you only have to say the words, ‘wee Daniel’, and everyone will know you are referring to Daniel O’ Donnell.

Born on the 12th December, 1961 and raised in the little village of Kincasslagh, County Donegal, Daniel is famous more for his gentle soft spoken personality and clean cut image as well as the love of his mammy than he is for his music

His mixture of Country, Folk and Easy listening won the hearts of every Irishman and woman. He started his musical career in 1980 in his sister, Margo’s, band (Margo was already a famous and well established musician in Ireland). In 1983, Daniel decided to go solo and has never looked back. He has produced and recorded over 30 albums and has won numerous awards which include the ‘Irish Entertainer of the Year’, in 1989, 1992 and 1996. The award he is most proud of is, ‘Donegal Person of the Year’, which he was awarded in 1989.

Every year, Daniel host a ‘tea party’ outside his home and hundreds of visitors flock to Kincasslagh in the hope of sharing a ‘wee cup’ with the great man himself.

Albums by Daniel O’Donnell

  • The Boy From Donegal (1984)
  • The Two Sides Of (1985)
  • I Need You (1986)
  • Don’t Forget To Remember (1987)
  • From The Heart (1988)
  • Thoughts Of Home (1989)
  • The Last Waltz (1990)
  • Favourites (1990)
  • The Very Best Of Daniel O’Donnell (1991)
  • Follow Your Dream (1992)
  • A Date With Daniel Live (1993)
  • Especially For You (1994)
  • Christmas With Daniel (1994)
  • The Classic Collection (1995)
  • Timeless: Daniel O’Donnell and Mary Duff (1996)
  • Irish Collection (1996)
  • Songs Of Inspiration (1996)
  • I Believe (1997)
  • Love Songs (1998)
  • Greatest Hits (1999)
  • Faith and Inspiration (2000)
  • Heartbreakers (2000)
  • Live, Laugh, Love (2001)
  • Yesterdays Memories (2002)
  • The Irish Album (2002)
  • The Daniel O’Donnell Show (2002)
  • Dreaming (2002)
  • Songs of Faith (2003)
  • Daniel In Blue Jeans (2003)
  • At The End Of The Day (2003)
  • The Jukebox Years (2004)
  • Welcome To My World (2004)
  • Teenage Dreams (2005)
  • The Rock’ N’ Roll Show (2006)
  • From Daniel With Love (2006)
  • Until the Next Time (2006)
  • Together Again (with Mary Duff) (2007)
  • Country Boy (2008)

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