Christy Moore

Christy Moore

Christy Moore is one of Irelands many talented Irish folk singers and was born on May 7thh 1945 in Newbridge, County Kildare.

He has written and released many Irish folk songs through-out the years and has performed with many talented artists such Dominic Behan, Sinead O’ Connor, Shane MacGowan plus many others. Christy Moore was also part of the Irish group Planxty that included very talented artists such as Paul Brady, Andy Irvine, Liam O’ Flynn and Donal Lunny.

The songs of Christy Moore are amazingly written with his lyrics about historic events, Irish folklore and even his own personal happy & sad experiences making his music very interesting for any listener.

Christy Moore Albums

Please note that not all albums released by Christy Moore are listed below:

Prosperous (1970)
Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (1975)
Christy Moore (1976)
The Iron Behind The Velvet (1978)
Live In Dublin (1978)
The Time Has Come (1983)
Ride On (1984)
Ordinary Man (1985)
Unfinished Revolution (1987)
Voyage (1989)

The Christy Moore Collection – 1981-91 (1991)
Smoke and Strong Whiskey (1991)
King Puck (1993)
Live At the Point (1994)
Graffiti Tongue (1996)
Christy Moore Collection Part 2 (1997)
Traveller (1999)

This is the Day (2001)
Live at Vicar Street (2002)
The Box Set 1964-2004 (2004)
Burning Times (2005)

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