13 Ways To Say Hello In Ireland

Irish Greetings in Ireland

If you ever visit Ireland you’ll discover the Irish have a way with words to the point that it sounds like a different language. We take the English language and twist it to our amusement creating our own colloquialisms, with some being really absurd to the point it will sound Double Dutch to an outsider.

How to say hello in Ireland

Believe it or not in Ireland we have many different ways of saying hello and it can be different from town to town or county to county.

Here are just some examples of ways to say hello, using English, in various parts of Ireland.

Greeting: Hows the form?
Translation: How are things with you?

Greeting: What’s the story? or just story?
Translation: How is everything?

Greeting: Alright there Bud?
Translation: Are you doing ok friend?

Greeting: How’s she cutting?
Translation: How is everything going?

Greeting: What’s the criac?
Translation: How is everything?

Greeting: What’s the bars?
Translation: Do you have any gossip?

Greeting: Alright head the ball?
Translation: How are things you lunatic?

Greeting: How’s about yee? or the abbreviation bout yee?
Translation: How are you?

Greeting: Alright Boyo
Translation: Are you doing ok, boy/lad/man?

Greeting: Alright mucker?
Translation: How are things friend?

Greeting: How’s she hanging?
Translation: Is your private parts comfortable?

Greeting: Yes hi or Yes lad
Translation: Hello!

Greeting: How in the name of Jaysus are ya?
Translation: I haven’t seen you in a very long time, how is everything going with you?

Are you surprised not to see Top of the morning? Don’t be, that’s not a saying in Ireland and tends to be more popular with our Irish-American friends.

Last updated August 16, 2017.

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