Cooking Traditional Irish Recipes

Irish Food Recipes

A traditional Irish meal is usually made up of very simple ingredients and in most cases are extremely easy to cook. You’ll find most traditional Irish recipes will contain the basics of vegetables, meat, or fish.

It would be safe to say that Ireland’s most famous dish would be the traditional Irish stew, its not only very basic but its also very easy to make. The stew, like other traditional dishes, are very cheap to make and its a recipe that’s been in every Irish home for years.

The potato has been a part of Ireland’s diet for hundreds of years so its no surprise it can be found in many traditional recipes. Not only are potatoes cheap to buy but they can also be served in a variety of dishes such as stews, mashed, boiled, and even soups. It really is the perfect ingredient for low cost hearty meal.

Being on a small island that’s surrounded by sea its no surprise fish has become part of the Irish diet. There are many different fish recipes from Ireland but not everyone would agree to like them, unless its one of their own traditional family recipes.

We drawn up a list of our favourite Irish recipes and even added in some of our own family recipes. Not all are traditionally Irish but we hope you’ll give them a try and bring a little bit of Irish into your home.

Simple Traditional Irish Meals

We hope that you will try some of these dishes and experience the great food we eat here.


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